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R & D is concentrated : 1. in finding new molecules or cocktails that are performing in the world of Green Chemistry: Alhagi (Fabaceae family), Ferula (Apiaceae family) 2. in developing new products with 2nd generation hyaluronic acid 3. register new APIs

Eco-Dermo Sustainability

We support the research and production of cosmetics, medical devices ECO-DERMO SUITABLE and raw materials ECODERMO-SUSTAINABILITY thinking about the skin but keeping the attention to the environment and its high protection

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Dr. Antonio Mazzucco


International experience in many countries : EU and non-EU (in Jordan, UAE, Russia and Japan) .


Green Chemistry : analysis and development of raw materials usable in Green formulations Skin Analyzer : provides a diagnosis of facial skin, taking advantage of the properties of RGB light and UV light. The chromophores present in the epithelial cells respond to light by reflecting it. The diagnostic system, at the end of the analysis, provides several images of the face marked by the various imperfections found. Moreover the RGB light reveals the impurities, the sebum, the wrinkles, the discolorations and dilated pores; while the UV light makes it possible to identify imperfections that are scarcely visible in daylight
Medicine : Marketing Authorization for Russian market

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I trattamenti laser sono oggi molto efficaci e sicuri ma rimane molto incerto cosa usare dopo le procedure mediche ed estetiche. Questo libro fornisce sulla base di ricerche bibliografiche e di attività direttamente in Centri medici ed estetici le linee guida cosmetiche da impiegare a supporto del professionista. Inoltre analizza i dispositivi medici domiciliari che attualmente sono in commercio e ne da una valutazione da recentissimi studi scientifici pubblicati nelle principali riviste internazionali.